Want to get rid of those ugly warts?

Before the advent of science much folklore existed to explain the sudden and mysterious appearance of warts, consorting with witches and handling toads being the most popular. Just as erroneous procedures and rituals were concocted to get rid of them: selling them on, giving them away, rubbing them meat and other items and then burying those in the ground.

We now know warts to be caused by human papilloma viruses, which cause cells to multiply. They are in fact the second most common skin complaint, after acne, children and teenagers being more prone than adults. Warts can go away of their own accord but who wants to wait for that to happen especially if they’re big, highly visible, numerous and ugly which some of the cauliflower or large horny ones certainly are. Vanity aside, they can also be annoying and painful if they get rubbed or regularly knocked or caught in things. The standard medical options are localised treatments: cauterising, freezing, lasering or applying caustic substances. These can be effective, though regrowth can occur with the virus still in the body.

For anyone who wants a more natural and lasting effect Homeopathy may be the answer. In fact, results can be quite spectacular whatever the type or location of wart: plantar verrucas, regular warts, flat or elongated (filiform) warts, genital warts, horny, fleshy, cauliflower-like warts. With Homeopathy the usual and best approach is a “constitutional” or whole person prescription. A tailored single remedy will get the body sorting out the warts from the inside-out. Any other problems the person has will also be addressed. The results are sure and lasting, the process gentle and non-invasive.

Here follows three case examples to illustrate the individual approach taken with homeopathy. Note how seemingly unrelated information about a person’s character and habits and other symptoms / conditions become part of a picture or profile that leads to selection of the best remedy.

Woman 26 yrs – Genital Warts

This young woman had had multiple small warts about 2 mm in size in the perineal area for about four months. She had also developed two large patches of yellow-brown pigmentation on one leg. Also, an irrational fear of cancer. Over her adult years she had also had recurring episodes of anal fissures. The remedy that fitted this case was Nitric Acid (in homeopathic potency taken internally). The warts disappeared within 3 days of taking the remedy (both of us were astonished at the speed). The fear of cancer and pigmentation took a few weeks to subside.

Boy 7 yrs – Warts and Behaviour Problems

This boy had had about fifteen warts for two to three years. He was hyperactive, very disruptive in class, unable to sit still or focus. Though his handwriting and spelling were poor he was actually a bright, intelligent, alert boy. His mother also described him as larger than life, excitable, rough and loud. A hot-blooded (hot body) boy he complained of dry eyes that made him blink a lot. He was afraid of the dark. His remedy was Belladonna, not a remedy one normally thinks of for warts but it fitted the overall “picture”. The warts disappeared 6 weeks later. He was also able to focus better, calmed down considerably, started to retain friends and his dry blinking eyes resolved. He needed a repeat of his remedy 11 months later for a relapse of “hyperness” but his warts remained gone.

High School Student, 17 yrs – Plantar Verrucas

For five years this boy had had large areas of verucca growth on the soles of his feet, plus a small area beside the nail on one toe and a big “regular” wart near his knee. He had already tried various chemist products. He was also a hot type finding the hot weather hard to tolerate and prone to sweating especially on hands and feet. Falling asleep at night was difficult and he was always slow to get going in the mornings. His nature was determined, strong-willed, sociable, caring and thoughtful. He preferred sporting and physical activities to academic book work. Food-wise he favoured savoury food, was partial to cucumbers and not into sweets at all (unusual!). Two remedies were used in this case. The first one cleared the warts 50-60% within four weeks then seemed to not do much more. The second remedy tidied up the rest within 2 weeks.

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Waiuku homeopath Annette Kampen has been a registered classical Homeopath since 1984. Annette enjoys working in all areas of health in particular with children who are dealing with physical, behavioural, learning and sensory processing issues

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Annette Kampen

Annette Kampen

Annette studied homeopathy at the London College of Homeopathy for 3 years, graduating in 1984. She is experienced in treating many different types of health problems.