My 2 year old daughter first saw Rebecca about 18 months ago for bad eczema and Rebecca helped get that under control.

About 5 -6 months ago she started exhibiting really difficult behaviour. Biting other children, hitting, head banging 20-30 times a day, constant tantrums and was really restless and unhappy and difficult to manage. She was having to be excluded at kindy and the other children were frightened of her.

The first 3 remedies Rebecca tried only helped a little, but 6 weeks ago she gave a new remedy. What a transformation! Within 10 days, the tantrums had reduced 50%. The biting stopped completely. Now the head banging is only occasional. She is reading books and sitting and concentrating which she has never done before. Her vocabulary has increased dramatically. A completely different child!

She has had a little bit of mild eczema flare up but I am so happy to have my little girl back and Rebecca said this will gradually resolve.
Apr 21
I brought my daughter, aged 10, to see Rebecca after a referral from our counsellor. My daughter has experienced severe anger episodes, which are frightening for the whole family. She can hit her sisters, slam doors and run away from home if really in a state. She is so easily offended and jealous. Often, she has me in tears and even her dad. She is extremely defiant. I was often in despair at how she would be into her teens.

Whilst the counsellor offered coping strategies, after a year we felt we needed more as her behaviour was worsening. Homeopathic remedies have really changed our daughter. After the first remedies her anger and severe behavioural issues lessened off dramatically, and the whole family calmed down.

We continued with Rebecca and progressed to a new remedy, which resulted in a different child. She is now much more relaxed, able to share with her sisters and actually is pleasant to be around. Homeopathy is a process, and we will be sticking with Rebecca for our daughters continued health care!
Aug 19
I came to see Rebecca in 2016 initially for my acne. I was sick of being sick and wanted to explore other avenues besides going to the g.p. I knew the acne was from underlying issues causing the pimples. My skin has improved over the course of my engagements. I see Janine and Rebecca for many health issues such as colds, skin infections, pregnancy and labour, mouth losers, eczema, asthma, restlessness and many other things. They are awesome individuals, friendly and help you on the road to a healthy lifestyle.
Apr 17
My 3 grandkids all had school sores that we couldn't get rid of. Rebecca gave them all homeopathic remedies and they all cleared up. My daughter was very happy!
Mar 16
I first saw Rebecca for a terrible ear infection. The pain was terrible and I could hardly hear. As soon as I took hepar sulph 200 I felt some popping in my ear and the ear started to unblock. Within an hour the pain started to reduce and I could hear properly. Over the next year I had ear problems a few times but the homeopathic remedies always helped.

I brought all my 3 kids to Rebecca. They had recurrent coughs. All did really well and also other issues such as poor appetite and sleep problems were also resolved. I highly recommend homeopathy as I now use it as my primary health care.
Jun 14
Thank you Rebecca! I had a cough and sore throat for 3 weeks which I just couldn't get rid of. I don't usually get sick in the summer. I was so tired and my lungs weak. Within 24 hours of taking the remedy I was dramatically better, 90%. I have my energy back! What a relief.
Jan 21
My son came to see Rebecca as a baby for eczema but at 3 yrs old, I was starting to have some further concerns about him.

His speech was quite delayed and he was hard to understand. I often had to translate what he said for others. His kindy teachers had suggested speech therapy. He had his adenoids removed when he was about 1 ½ as his nose was always obstructed and he mouth breathed. This surgery made no difference. He also constantly dribbled saliva, making his chin sore. He was also getting angry and frustrated at kindy. I had started to think back to his birth. He was born with the cord around his neck and was a “blue” baby. I was worried he had experienced oxygen deprivation at birth, which may have affected his development now. Rebecca took all this into account and prescribed a remedy.

Three weeks later, his speech was already more clear. The saliva lessened and he is happier at kindy. Less angry outbursts. Two months later, the kindy, other family members and friends have all noticed a big change in his speech. The kindy are surprised and say he no longer needs speech therapy. His tongue seems different too. Its no longer constantly protruding from his mouth and he seems more able to breathe through his nose.
Jul 19
After three years of constant bronchitis, pneumonia with a severe cough and many doses of antibiotics and medicines, I came to see Rebecca.

After the first remedy, I improved but it was the second remedy that really made a difference. With a month my chest was 60-70% better, i was able to sleep again properly without coughing and my energy started to come back.

After 2 months, I was 90% improved and just left with some residual irritation in my nose. After my third remedy, this completely disappeared and I am now back to my normal self. I had experienced the death of my mother 3 years before, and Rebecca helped me realise how much this grief affected me. The remedies really shifted my whole level of health and wellbeing.
Mar 19
My daughter was suffering from depression and insomnia. The homeopathy Janine and Rebecca prescribed was so helpful in helping her through a very difficult part of her life. I found both Janine and Rebecca extremely professional, thorough and caring. I was really impressed by how much my teenage daughter opened up to them.
May 14
I received homoeopathic treatment at Manurewa Marae back in February 2014 for a nasty eczema on my hands and fingers. It was really itchy and painful and often I had deep cracks in my fingers. I had been suffering for a couple of years with it. After my homoeopathic medicine, I experienced a dramatic improvement within about 3 weeks, and within 2 months my hands were completely better. I have not had the problems return and I am delighted with my treatment.
May 14
I have struggled with Graves disease, hyperthyroid for nearly 20 years. Finally I sought help from Rebecca because I had a shoulder injury too. I was amazed at the response to the remedy. Not only did my shoulder resolve but my thyroid issues have diminished considerably. Its such a massive improvement. After 7 or 8 weeks, I am calmer, my heart is not racing all the time, my eyes bulge much less and are receding back into their sockets. I sleep better. I feel this remedy has worked at such a deep level. I am taking care of myself more.
Nov 20
I want to tell you about the excellent service I received from Auckland Homeopathy last week.

My daughter, aged 2, had a fever and red rash on her face and thighs and a sore mouth, she would not drink her bottle and I was really worried about her. She was grizzly and very unwell, restless, tossing and turning. I am a long term patient of Rebecca's so I messaged her at about 10pm.

The symptoms had come on quite suddenly and I would not normally message so late. Rebecca responded straight away and asked some questions. She prescribed Aconite at about 11pm. My daughter fell asleep. She awoke again in the night and I repeated the Aconite. By morning the rash had disappeared and she was back to normal! Very grateful.
Mar 19
It is such a good experience talking with these ladies. The things they give for us to use for my hay fever really helps!!
Mar 17
I first came to Rebecca because I started feeling depressed. The Doctors wanted me to take anti-depressants but I had been down this path before and really didn't want to again. My husband noticed very quickly that even within a week. I have stayed well for two years with homeopathy now and I am really pleased. My children have also benefited from homeopathy- for their teething, snotty noses, fevers and coughs.
Dec 14
I first saw Rebecca in may 2014 for terrible migraines. I also suffered other headaches almost every day for 3 years. I was taking tramadol as my migraines were so severe and incapacitating. My response to homeopathy was amazeballs! I never had another migraine after cactus 200c and had one or two more mild headaches then none! Since then I have used homeopathy occasionally for hormonal issues and during my second pregnancy.
Nov 16
I started coming for treatment for anxiety and depression in Oct 2014. I had used homoeopathy many years ago for my children but not for myself. I noticed a gradual improvement over 4-6 weeks. I felt more positive and had more energy. I felt motivated to do some things I had just been putting off.

I feel more comfortable with people again, and have started seeing friends more. My hormones have also settled down, which is a real bonus. After 3 months I feel much different and I now have a job! I can highly recommend Homeopathy and Rebecca and Janine! It’s such a gentle and supportive system.
Feb 15