I am so glad that I was introduced to Janine. Homeopathy has been my go-to preferred solution for any ailment. I was quite apprehensive when I recently moved to NZ and all the more when my backup homeo meds were over.

My three year old and I are both consulting Janine. I will be ever grateful to Janine for her support during covid. Once I informed her that we all tested positive for covid, she was in touch with us regularly offering solutions to all problems. It means a lot to me that I have you rely on. I can't tell you how grateful I am that we had your advice every step of the way last week including the weekend.

Janine is ever available to answer emails and very patiently hears all that we have to say. Thank you for your help Janine and I hope more people benefit from you.

Dec 22
I give Janine my highest recommendation as an excellent, empathetic, and highly experienced Homeopath.

I had been suffering from inflammation of palm joints - signs of Arthritis and professional burn-out for one year when I first met Janine. During one year I had seen my GP and few clinical doctors, with few, not really nice ideas about how to solve my health issues but without any action.

My wife had been suffering from signs of anxiety for two years which became much worse just before she met Janine for the first time. Our daughter had severe allergic reactions from her early childhood. Poor kid couldn't play with her favorite pets because of that. Our son had very difficult moments when his loved girlfriend decided to break. He experienced very intensive grief.

We had positive experience with Homeopathy in my home country and decided to give it a try, here in NZ. We were very lucky to meet Janine.

After the first consultation with Janine my body started to recover. Now I feel much better and happiness is back in my life. My wife is much better and getting back to normal life. Our daughter had just one allergic reaction which we solved fast with homeopathic remedy. Our son is fully back to happy kid.

One happy and grateful family.
Jul 20
I developed alopecia areata - two bald patches. Went, initially, to my doctor, who prescribed a mild cortisone cream. Now, I do not like cortisone, so decided to seek homeopathic help.

Janine went through my medical history and asked other questions about my lifestyle, coming up with a base reason for what is regarded as an auto-immune condition, often caused by stress. My stress trigger had been a difficult 18 months over a year previously, which she said had come back to bite me, even though I thought I had coped fine.

The result of her treatment...a full head of hair again, albeit the new growth is a bit darker than the rest of it although I gather that will sort itself out in time.

I have always believed in homeopathy - my doctors in the UK where I grew up practiced homeopathy as well as allopathic, so I have been very familiar with the modality and Janine's care and skill merely confirmed to me that there are routes to wellness other than drugs, which can often create more problems than they necessarily solve!
Jan 20
Before seeing Janine in September 2018 I had been battling with terrible eczema for the past 2 years. I had tried everything from all different types of topical cream to extreme diet changes and juice fasting. It got to the point where it was unbearable. Both full hands and arms were covered in eczema that was burning and had me in excruciating pain. It had even started to creep up to my neck.

After seeing Janine my symptoms started to subside almost immediately! My skin now 6 months later is almost completely clear and thanks to the remedies I am now able to eat more foods that before were leaving me with nasty reactions. I would highly recommend homeopathy for skin problems. Janine is wonderful!
Mar 19
My newborn son was extremely spilly. His uncomplicated reflux was happening so often that I would prefer to keep him at home, as I had him in cotton wraps so he could be changed frequently without the fuss of clothing. He is an otherwise healthy baby so I did not find much support from his GP on this issue.

A friend recommended I contact AKL Homeopathy. I was seen by Janine. Her friendly, professional approach was a relief in itself and I felt confident to try homeopathy, for the first time, to help my son. After using remedies over a two month period, the reduction of his spilling allowed us the freedom to enjoy less of the mess and more of the cuddles. During treatment I felt well supported and I appreciated the ease of contact.

Janine has every quality you could want in a health professional and I would not hesitate to recommend AKL Homeopathy to others.
Aug 17
My daughter was suffering from depression and insomnia. The homeopathy Janine and Rebecca prescribed was so helpful in helping her through a very difficult part of her life. I found both Janine and Rebecca extremely professional, thorough and caring. I was really impressed by how much my teenage daughter opened up to them.
May 14
I received homoeopathic treatment at Manurewa Marae back in February 2014 for a nasty eczema on my hands and fingers. It was really itchy and painful and often I had deep cracks in my fingers. I had been suffering for a couple of years with it. After my homoeopathic medicine, I experienced a dramatic improvement within about 3 weeks, and within 2 months my hands were completely better. I have not had the problems return and I am delighted with my treatment.
May 14
My teenage son has sneezed and blown his nose through life, resorting to daily anti-histamine tablets for the last few years to manage these symptoms. After seeing Janine and using homeopathic remedies as recommended, his symptoms have improved immensely and we use waaayyy less tissues in our house these days. It has been life changing and so easy, thank you.
Nov 22
About 4 years ago I developed allergy asthma and a chronic cough. The coughing was so severe that I had to sit bolt upright all night for weeks and got very little sleep. I visited a number of doctors and took various medications, some of which helped a little but for two and a half years I was never without a cough. It was frustrating and exhausting and very annoying to those around me. I am a teacher and my students had to get used to me coughing every couple of sentences or so.

Finally I had had enough and I googled homeopaths and found Janine Gawn. She has been a "life saver". I was so impressed with the time she took to really get to know me and my health and after a short time of being on her medication I was finally cough free. Every cough free day is such a blessing and it is all thanks to Janine.

Now during lockdown I have had another allergic reaction (I think to privet) and I lost my voice and once again she has supported me with email consultations and medication that within a few days has got me on the mend again. I was never a believer in homeopathic medications but now I would rather seek help from Janine as I feel she really listens and cares about my health.
Aug 21
After being diagnosed with crohn's disease and several attempts/visits to the doctors, Janine is the only person that has managed to help me. After constantly trying various medications provided by the doctors (which made me feel worse every time!) homeopathy has been the only method to help. No more severe bloating, stomach pain, constant headaches, menstrual pains, and low energy levels. Janine has spent time with me to go over my concerns and to find a solution which works for me specifically. I will always be grateful!
May 20
Janine has a knack of hearing exactly what you’re saying, even when you don’t know it yourself. She makes you feel at relaxed and supported. Janine has resolved a variety of health, skin and hormonal issues in our family and helped my children manage whooping cough and other childhood issues with ease.
Aug 19
Janine has made such a difference with my children. She has a wonderful way of asking questions and collecting information and her recommendations have really helped.
Oct 18
I can’t speak highly enough of Janine. I took my 4 month old to see Janine about digestive trouble. She was very inquisitive and attentive and gave us both great advice and a remedy that worked within 3 days. She is easy to contact and always willing to give you advice as your situation changes which is perfect with a wee one. Rather than using pharmaceutical products in babies, homeopathy is an effective, personalised treatment that really works.
Janine has been the family homeopath for the last 15 years. She has helped our family in numerous situations all these years. She has helped with skin conditions, emotional issues, immunity problems, and the common issues related with children, specially with my daughter's asthma. I am a strong believer of homeopathy and Janine is very good at what she is doing. She is attentive, thorough, empathic and kind. I would really recommend her for anyone looking for alternative treatment in the homeopathic field.
Apr 18
I found Janine very helpful. I wanted to get through my aggressive early onset morning sickness without 'drugs'. Her constitutional remedy choice was spot on. She was also a nice, supportive person to work with. I'll be back but hopefully not too soon 😉
May 17
I had varieties of health problems, arthritis, pain in my shoulders due to fall, anger problems, when I went to Janine, she gave me remedies that help me with most of my health issues and what's more, I quit smoking as well without using any nicotine or patches. I was just stop smoking as if I didn't like it before. My energy levels is increasing and I'm more mobilising. Thanks to Janine.
Aug 17
I first came to see Janine for ongoing colds which she helped me with greatly and now its my go to remedy if I get one of those streaming colds!

I was also going through a series of dental surgeries, Janine suggested I take hypericum as well as arnica after each surgery. This greatly reduced my recovery time, compared to earlier dental experiences, for which I am eternally grateful Janine.
I started coming for treatment for anxiety and depression in Oct 2014. I had used homoeopathy many years ago for my children but not for myself. I noticed a gradual improvement over 4-6 weeks. I felt more positive and had more energy. I felt motivated to do some things I had just been putting off.

I feel more comfortable with people again, and have started seeing friends more. My hormones have also settled down, which is a real bonus. After 3 months I feel much different and I now have a job! I can highly recommend Homeopathy and Rebecca and Janine! It’s such a gentle and supportive system.
Feb 15
I have been seeing Janine for about 2 years. She is my go-to person to support my health. I had been suffering with hay fever symptoms for quite some time. Janine prescribed Pulsatilla as a starting point, and it has worked a treat, especially with postnasal drip.

More recently Janine has been very helpful with remedies to support my immunity during this scary covid time.

If you are exploring homeopathy to help with your own or family issues, then Janine is someone you can trust to help you and a great listener. Do not hesitate to contact her.
Aug 21
Janine is a wonderful homeopath who is welcoming and puts you right at ease from the get-go.

I went to see her after my eczema returned on my face after many years of being eczema-free and I was at a loss as to how to manage it. I had tried taking natural skin creams and natural skin pills and eliminating certain foods but nothing was working. I was mentally quite despondent too.

From the very first consultation I felt that Janine understood me as a person and my nature which I now understand is an integral part of homeopathic treatment. I have been with her for the past 4 months and the remedies that she has suggested have cleared up my eczema to the point where it is unnoticeable now. Moreover, I feel that she has helped me be able to manage the condition should a flare up reoccur and this is very important to me. I tried a few different remedies with Janine and I would always update her with any effects that I noticed.

Janine would respond very quickly to my updates and offer advice on the steps to take to manage a flare up and so on. The remedies are couriered to your house so there is very little hassle involved and the whole process is seamless. I fully trusted Janine to find the right remedies for me and the results speak for themselves.

If you are considering homeopathy treatment I would wholeheartedly recommend Janine. She is fantastic.
Dec 20
I have suffered from severe sinus / hayfever / asthma for 20ish years. In this time I have seen many physicians to try and get some relief which included many remedies given to me along with having surgery on my nasal cavity, to which nothing worked. I would get a couple of weeks relief but then return to normal.

After my wife saw Janine with our daughter, who had a consistent cough and suffered from asthma attacks I decided to give homeopathy a go. I had seen a naturopath before so was slightly skeptical but after meeting with Janine and seeing relief from my sinus/hayfever/asthma within a fortnight I was a firm believer. Since my first visit, Janine has seen me a number of times or spoken to me over to the phone if I have a slight flare up and prescribes me remedies.

It is the simple things of not being able to breath through my nose for over 20 years and I can now complete a gym class without needing my inhaler and can now sleep through the night without having a sneezing fit or being woken my a dry mouth as I can now breath through my nose. I have not had a repeat on my asthma inhaler since I started seeing Janine.

I can not recommend homeopathy / Janine highly enough.
Mar 20
I started seeing Janine Gawn in November 2017 for some hormonal imbalances that I've suffered from for over eight years.

Since seeing Janine:
- My Depression and Anxiety episodes have drastically reduced, to almost non-existant.
- My weight managment issues have become a lot easier to control
- I feel less prone to stress episodes
- My worst allergy symptoms have reduced to barely an irritation
- My anemia has also completely disappeared over the course of seeing Janine.

All in all, I would highly recommend booking a session with Janine, she really knows what she is doing and Janine is a sweet, calm, inviting person to be around and to talk to.
Nov 17
I was worried about my cough since last two months. But when I took homeopathy it was a great relief in 2 days. Superb job from Janine.
Jul 17
It is such a good experience talking with these ladies. The things they give for us to use for my hay fever really helps!!
Mar 17
I came to see Rebecca in 2016 initially for my acne. I was sick of being sick and wanted to explore other avenues besides going to the g.p. I knew the acne was from underlying issues causing the pimples. My skin has improved over the course of my engagements. I see Janine and Rebecca for many health issues such as colds, skin infections, pregnancy and labour, mouth losers, eczema, asthma, restlessness and many other things. They are awesome individuals, friendly and help you on the road to a healthy lifestyle.
Apr 17
Thanks Janine, his eczema is so much better. Everyone keeps saying how good his skin is looking. He is a lot happier, even with teething he is sleeping through now. Everyone has commented on how happy he is now.
Nov 16
I am not coughing anymore just a little bit sometime in evening or early morning wonderful, I can’t believe it! I had been coughing for a month. How grateful I am, thank you Janine! The remedy did wonders. Energy levels much better now too. I am very happy. I am telling everybody about you.
Nov 16