Aug 2017
I've suffered from eczema and hay fever on and off all my life. Over the years I've also damaged my back, ankles, and pelvis which left me in chronic pain; not to mention the aching shoulders caused by working. After seeing so many health professionals and being told over and over that I should use steroids/pain killers/was imagining things/should expect this because I am getting old, my attitude was despairing. Over the months I've been working with Annette, I have used several different remedies which have each improved an aspect of my dysfunction, so I started feeling more at ease almost straight away. Now the remedy I use has done such a great job that I am sailing through this pollen season hardly noticing it! No itching eyes or skin, no sneezing and my sleep is no longer disturbed by pain. I feel that Annette is treating me as a unique individual and I feel very positive that my relief is proving to be deep-seated and long-lasting.