August 2019
I brought my daughter, aged 10, to see Rebecca after a referral from our counsellor. My daughter has experienced severe anger episodes, which are frightening for the whole family. She can hit her sisters, slam doors and run away from home if really in a state. She is so easily offended and jealous. Often, she has me in tears and even her dad. She is extremely defiant. I was often in despair at how she would be into her teens. Whilst the counsellor offered coping strategies, after a year we felt we needed more as her behaviour was worsening. Homeopathic remedies have really changed our daughter. After the first remedies her anger and severe behavioural issues lessened off dramatically, and the whole family calmed down. We continued with Rebecca and progressed to a new remedy, which resulted in a different child. She is now much more relaxed, able to share with her sisters and actually is pleasant to be around. Homeopathy is a process, and we will be sticking with Rebecca for our daughters continued health care!