July 2019
My son came to see Rebecca as a baby for eczema but at 3 yrs old, I was starting to have some further concerns about him. His speech was quite delayed and he was hard to understand. I often had to translate what he said for others. His kindy teachers had suggested speech therapy. He had his adenoids removed when he was about 1 ½ as his nose was always obstructed and he mouth breathed. This surgery made no difference. He also constantly dribbled saliva, making his chin sore. He was also getting angry and frustrated at kindy. I had started to think back to his birth. He was born with the cord around his neck and was a “blue” baby. I was worried he had experienced oxygen deprivation at birth, which may have affected his development now. Rebecca took all this into account and prescribed a remedy. Three weeks later, his speech was already more clear. The saliva lessened and he is happier at kindy. Less angry outbursts. Two months later, the kindy, other family members and friends have all noticed a big change in his speech. The kindy are surprised and say he no longer needs speech therapy. His tongue seems different too. Its no longer constantly protruding from his mouth and he seems more able to breathe through his nose.