July 2020
I give Janine my highest recommendation as an excellent, empathetic, and highly experienced Homeopath. I had been suffering from inflammation of palm joints - signs of Arthritis and professional burn-out for one year when I first met Janine. During one year I had seen my GP and few clinical doctors, with few, not really nice ideas about how to solve my health issues but without any action. My wife had been suffering from signs of anxiety for two years which became much worse just before she met Janine for the first time. Our daughter had severe allergic reactions from her early childhood. Poor kid couldn't play with her favorite pets because of that. Our son had very difficult moments when his loved girlfriend decided to break. He experienced very intensive grief. We had positive experience with Homeopathy in my home country and decided to give it a try, here in NZ. We were very lucky to meet Janine. After the first consultation with Janine my body started to recover. Now I feel much better and happiness is back in my life. My wife is much better and getting back to normal life. Our daughter had just one allergic reaction which we solved fast with homeopathic remedy. Our son is fully back to happy kid. One happy and grateful family