Aug 2021
About 4 years ago I developed allergy asthma and a chronic cough. The coughing was so severe that I had to sit bolt upright all night for weeks and got very little sleep. I visited a number of doctors and took various medications, some of which helped a little but for two and a half years I was never without a cough. It was frustrating and exhausting and very annoying to those around me. I am a teacher and my students had to get used to me coughing every couple of sentences or so. Finally I had had enough and I googled homeopaths and found Janine Gawn. She has been a "life saver". I was so impressed with the time she took to really get to know me and my health and after a short time of being on her medication I was finally cough free. Every cough free day is such a blessing and it is all thanks to Janine. Now during lockdown I have had another allergic reaction (I think to privet) and I lost my voice and once again she has supported me with email consultations and medication that within a few days has got me on the mend again. I was never a believer in homeopathic medications but now I would rather seek help from Janine as I feel she really listens and cares about my health.