April 2021
My 2 year old daughter first saw Rebecca about 18 months ago for bad eczema and Rebecca helped get that under control. About 5 -6 months ago she started exhibiting really difficult behaviour. Biting other children, hitting, head banging 20-30 times a day, constant tantrums and was really restless and unhappy and difficult to manage. She was having to be excluded at kindy and the other children were frightened of her. The first 3 remedies Rebecca tried only helped a little, but 6 weeks ago she gave a new remedy. What a transformation! Within 10 days, the tantrums had reduced 50%. The biting stopped completely. Now the head banging is only occasional. She is reading books and sitting and concentrating which she has never done before. Her vocabulary has increased dramatically. A completely different child! She has had a little bit of mild eczema flare up but I am so happy to have my little girl back and Rebecca said this will gradually resolve.