March 2020
I have suffered from severe sinus/hayfever/asthma for 20ish years. In this time I have seen many physicians to try and get some relief which included many remedies given to me along with having surgery on my nasal cavity, to which nothing worked. I would get a couple of weeks relief but then return to normal. After my wife saw Janine with our daughter, who had a consistent cough and suffered from asthma attacks I decided to give homeopathy a go. A had seen a naturopath before so was slightly skeptical but after meeting with Janine and seeing relief from my sinus/hayfever/asthma within a fortnight I was a firm believer. Since my first visit, Janine has seen me a number of times or spoken to me over to the phone if I have a slight flare up and prescribes me remedies. It is the simple things of not being able to breath through my nose for over 20 years and I can now complete a gym class without needing my inhaler and can now sleep through the night without having a sneezing fit or being woken my a dry mouth as I can now breath through my nose. I have not had a repeat on my asthma inhaler since I started seeing Janine. I can not recommend homeopathy/Janine highly enough.