Parent information for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) project

Homeopathic Project – Who are we? What are we doing?

Annette Kampen and Rebecca Stirrup have worked together over a 25 year period. We are both registered members of the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths. We are now running a six month project to help children with ASD. The rise in the number of children with ASD makes this an essential part of our homeopathic practice. We are only taking 10 children as part of this project. We have initiated this project to put into practice new ideas on how to use homeopathy with ASD and to compare results with other projects overseas. We will also be testing the efficacy of 2 homeopaths working together on these complex cases.

What are our goals?
Of course, our goals are to help each individual child as best we can. However, below are some of the types of issues we would like to see change. But we also need to have realistic expectations. Because ASD is so complex multiple remedies are needed over time to unlock the potential of these children. Some remedies will prompt large leaps forward while others will be clearing the way with minimal visible effect. Sometimes its like the grades we get at school, we may give only a C+ remedy which produces a small but necessary effect, and then we give an A+ remedy with a really deep action. We can’t always give the A+ remedy!

What your child stands to gain?

Homeopathy is a safe, gentle and highly effective system of medicine that mobilises the body to heal itself. Toxins can be removed and healthy functioning of all systems of the body including immune, neurological and gut can then gradually be restored.

These are some of the issues we can help with;

Reduction in hyperactivity
Improvement in sitting tolerance/attention span
Improvement in sensory perception skills
Better and more appropriate expression of emotions
Improvement in fine motor and gross motor abilities
Improvement in social skills/eye contact
Improvement in speech, language and communication skills
Reduction in anxiety states and temper tantrums
Better sleep patterns
Improvement in gut/bowel issues

What do we need from you, the parents?

A six month commitment to the project. This involves the first consultation, in person, with the child. This takes approximately 90 minutes. After that there will be follow up appointments every 4-6 weeks to assess progress. So there will be between 4-5 appointments in total. Some of the follow up appointments can be via Skype/Facetime.

In between consultations, parents have to observe and pay attention to their child’s situation and symptoms. Symptoms are our guide to finding a solution and welcome many details, however small or seemingly insignificant. We need this detailed information and your observations in order to prescribe a good homeopathic remedy.

Initially it is helpful to do a timeline or calendar of your child’s history, then we can begin to understand how everything unfolded for your child and we are on board together.

At the end of the six month period we will publish the results of the project, complete confidentiality and privacy will be maintained.

Is homeopathy Safe?

Yes, very safe. There are no contra-indications for the use of homeopathic remedies.

What is the cost?

Normally our charges are $130 for the first consultation for a child, and follow up appointments are $40. Because this is a new project we are offering a discounted price of $90 for the first appointment and $30 for the follow up appointment. For this you have the expertise of 2 qualified and experienced homeopaths, plus the homeopathic medicines are also included in the price.

How to book?

For more information or to book please contact Annette Kampen  or Rebecca Stirrup

Annette Kampen 021 263 3424

Rebecca Stirrup 021 163 1526

For more information about homeopathy check out our FAQ’s on our website and the

NZ Council Of Homeopaths website what is homeopathy?


Waiuku homeopath Annette Kampen has been a registered classical Homeopath since 1984. Annette enjoys working in all areas of health in particular with children who are dealing with physical, behavioural, learning and sensory processing issues

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Annette Kampen

Annette Kampen

Annette studied homeopathy at the London College of Homeopathy for 3 years, graduating in 1984. She is experienced in treating many different types of health problems.