Managing your health at home – empower yourself

Homeopathic support for acute illness – flu, colds, coughs.
Here are a few suggested options to aid you to manage your health at home during this time depending on your budget:

Option No. 1 – buy 1 or 2 single remedies
We recommend having a few single remedies on hand such as the remedy Aconite for first signs of any acute illness such as colds, cough, fever.
• Can be used to nip illness in the bud
• Is also useful for anxiety or fear
Purchase from Naturopharm online – link below
You can also purchase most of the remedies listed below from Naturo Pharm online as single remedies

Option No. 2 – A homeopathic kit $30-45
These homeopathic kits come with a basic instruction leaflet on the remedies and uses.
Consider getting a flu kit and / or cough kit. These are affordable cardboard box kits. It is easier for us to support those that have kits at home as remedies can be taken without delay. When you are sick or in isloation, it’s not an ideal time to wait for remedies to arrive by courier!

Flu Kit 30c contains: Aconite, Anas barb, Bryonia, Eupatorium perf, Gelsemium, Rhus tox $30
Cough Kit 30c contains: Antimonium tart, Drosera, Ipecacuanha, Phosphorus, Rumex, Spongia $30
Flu support Duo kit 30c (Custom) contains: The 6 remedies from the flu kit plus the addition of 6 more custom remedies chosen by us $40
Starter kit 30c contains: Aconite, Apis, Arnica, Belladonna, Chamomilla, Gelsemium, Hypericum, Ignatia, Ledum, Nux vomica, Pulsatilla, Rhus tox $40 (a more general-purpose Kit)

Option No. 3 – add in a home use book $20-$25 to use with your remedies
We highly recommend the homeopathy book called Get Well Soon – A Guide to Homoeopathic First Aid by Misha Norland, which is perfect to use with your kit. There are also other book good options, see link below to view or purchase. They have been written by expert homeopaths and there are clear guidelines to using homeopathy at home.

The New Zealand Homeopathic Society have FREE downloadable eBooks. The first 2 are available to download free now – COLDS and first aid for ACCIDENTS, INJURIES & SPORTS injuries
Click on this link and go to the eBook section to download
Consider joining the Society – Membership is open to all, see benefits here

Option No. 4 – Homeobotanicals for immune support $20
These are homoeopathically prepared herbs. Taste is mild and easy to take.
We are currently using a Homeobotanicals blend (3 blends) to support the immune system which is combination of immune boosting herbs + antiseptic herbs + antiviral & antimicrobial herbs.

And last but certainly not least! Our mental health care

Our mental health has taken a hammering over the last 2 years or so – with worries over lockdowns, finances, relationships with family and friends, our health and much more. Here are a few remedies that may helpful at this time: Remember safety first and seek medical advice if cause for concern.

• Intense fear, even panic
• shock
• Fear of death
• may have heart palpitations
• Restlessness

• Worries about the future, economy, health
• Am I going to be OK?
• Will my family be OK?
• Restless, weakness
• may have upset stomach

• Shock, numbness, sadness
• Mood swings, keeping it inside / sudden outbursts
• Sighing
• Thoughts repeating
• May have a lump in throat

• Apprehensive
• feels drained
• Trembling, weakness
• Can’t think clearly

Contact us for individualised care tailored to your needs or to purchase kits mentioned above. contact us or make an appointment to see us

Homeopathy can be used safely alongside your medications.
Do not stop any medications prescribed by your doctor without consultation with your doctor.

Disclaimer: Information and statements made on this document are for educational purposes only.

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Janine has been a registered classical homeopath since 2002. Janine enjoys working in all areas of health and has an interest in digestive health, skin conditions and mental health

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Janine Gawn

Janine is a registered classical homeopath since 2002, trained and qualified in New Zealand