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Rebecca and I (Janine) are both volunteers for the New Zealand Homœopathic Society (NZHS) as President and Secretary respectively. The NZCH is a great one stop shop to learn more about Homeopathy, purchase books for beginners to use homeopathy at home, download FREE eBooks and much more.

Under the About Homeopathy tab, you can learn all about –
• The origins of Homeopathy and some of the key principles
• Information on where and how to study Homeopathy for Home Use or with CNHH who offer NZQA Accredited Diplomas and a range of short courses
• Contact details for the manufacturing homeopathic pharmacies in New Zealand to purchase remedies
• Research
• Videos – short videos all about homeopathy ranging from 44 secs to 28 mins
• FREE downloadable eBooks

Click on this link to view the information mentioned above:

About Homeopathy

There is a well-resourced online book shop with an excellent range of books and have a Beginners category and a Home and Family category

You can follow the NZHS on social media for book specials, “book of the week”, homœopathic philosophy, tips and inspiration.

The NZ Homœopathic Society is a charitable organisation dedicated to raising awareness of and supporting the growth of homœopathy in New Zealand. The Society is run by volunteers. There is also a membership option $45 / year which is open to anyone. Refer to this link for benefits.

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Janine has been a registered classical homeopath since 2002. Janine enjoys working in all areas of health and has an interest in digestive health, skin conditions and mental health

The material and content contained on the Auckland Homeopathy website is provided 'as is' for general information only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment for any health or medical problem.

Janine Gawn

Janine is a registered classical homeopath since 2002, trained and qualified in New Zealand