Just one more run

Homeopathy for common ski and boarding injuries

It’s been an awesome bluebird day on the slopes and you are feeling knackered, but you think just one more run for the day. That last run down, the home run, is sometimes just one too many after a big day on the slopes. Or it can be a case of ….. I’m hungry and need a coffee but hey, just one more run before lunch. And then there is the just plain old …. I’ve hit that snow or ice at speed and it really hurts! I have experienced it first hand a bit more then I would have liked! Taking up skiing in my late 40’s is not for the faint-hearted and I soon discovered that I don’t “bounce” when I hit the ground like I used in my youth! Still, it’s worth all the aching muscles and any minor bumps or bruises and I believe that its never too late in life to learn something new and adventurous. Fortunately, homeopathy can be useful to aid in healing and recovery for either tired muscles or for injuries. So, remember the Snow safety code and pack your homeopathy kit for a good ski/boarding holiday this winter. Keep safe and see you on the slopes!

Safety and preparation
Get prepared for your time on the slopes! Make sure you are fit and ready for skiing/boarding. Check your gear and keep it in good condition. Wear a helmet! Know your snow and mountain safety code. Take breaks and keep hydrated. Ensure you are not hungry.
For any injuries, be sensible and apply ‘RICE’: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and get checked out by the medical team on the mountain and/or medical team in the area if needed.

New Zealand Snow Safety Code

Know Your Limits
• Ride to your ability, control your speed
• Be aware of the conditions
• Take a lesson
Find Your Space
• Stop where you can be seen
• Give others room
• Look ahead
Protect Yourself
• Obey all signs and closures
• Tired, take a rest
• Wear a helmet

Useful Homeopathic Remedies for ski and boarding injury recovery

Arnica: (Alpine daisy) This is the first remedy to consider for any injury or accident. Useful for shock, swelling, bruising, pain. Promotes healing of soft muscle tissue and is also helpful for overexertion, for that bruised sore feeling after a big day on the slopes!
Ruta graveolens: (Rue) useful for any injuries to tendons, cartilage and periosteum. Think of it alongside Arnica for aiding in the healing of ACL/MCL tears, a common knee injury when skiing!
Symphytum officinale: (Comfrey or knitbone/boneset) Useful for encouraging healing of fractures, bone trauma, injuries to tendons and ligaments as well as blows to the eye. Caution – if pins or dislocation use remedy only after setting
Rhus toxicodendron: (poison ivy) Useful for overexertion, strains, sprains. For that muscle and joint stiffness after over straining or overstretching
Hypericum: (St John’s wort) Useful for any injury to the nerves – known as the “arnica of the nerves”. A brilliant remedy when you are new to boarding as its helpful for the pain and healing after a fall on the tailbone (coccyx)! Also useful for pain along nerve pathways following injury and any crush injuries to fingers or toes
TRAUMEEL gel or Arnica cream: These topical gels/creams help to relive pain and inflammation and I would not be without them when doing any adventurous sports.

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Janine has been a registered classical homeopath since 2002. Janine enjoys working in all areas of health and has an interest in digestive health, skin conditions and mental health

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Janine Gawn

Janine is a registered classical homeopath since 2002, trained and qualified in New Zealand