Homeopathy for recovery and healing after surgery

Homeopathy can be very useful in aiding your recovery and healing after surgery.

Remedies for post op recovery:
Arnica: Arnica for bruising, trauma and shock. It can also aid in preventing or reducing blood clots post-surgery and to reduce pain and swelling

Bellis perennis: for trauma to deep internal tissues after surgery particularly the reproductive tissues (uterus) and breast. Helpful for the pain and bruising similar to Arnica

Hypericum: Hypericum can help reduce pain after surgery and to heal damage to the nerves. It is helpful for shooting nerve pain

Aconite or Gelsemium: for pre or post surgical anxiety and / or shock and fright related to the surgery

Opium: for difficulty recovering from anaesthesia.  Useful for Paralysis of bowel and / or bladder after surgery – Constipation or even impaction after surgery

Phosphorus: Phosphorus is used for recovery from the effects of anaesthesia following surgery. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting and weakness

Staphysagria: is used for pain of the surgical incision and for any wound healing difficulties

Nux-vomica: cramping abdominal pains after surgery. Constipation with straining. Irritability

Raphanus or China: feeling of trapped wind after surgery. Pain and distention from the wind. Constipation

Dosage: After surgery: take one dose of Arnica
Day 1-2: continue using Arnica to aid in healing, recovery and for pain
Day 2 onward: Begin with any appropriate remedies (Bellis, Nux, Phos etc) depending on your uppermost symptoms and only if required. Reduce frequency of doses on improvement of symptoms
If using 30c or lower– take 2-4 doses per day for 3 days
If using 200c * – take 1-2 doses per day for 3 days
* For use of higher potency’s (200c) it is recommended to consult with your Homeopath.

Contact us for an individualised plan to suit your needs to help with your recovery and healing after surgery

Homeopathy can be used safely alongside your medications. Do not stop any medications prescribed by your doctor without consultation with your doctor.

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Janine Gawn

Janine is a registered classical homeopath since 2002, trained and qualified in New Zealand