Hay fever season – preparation is key!

Janine and Rebecca have attended a specialist course on Hay fever which uses a specific preventative protocol to address the symptoms and to reduce sensitivity to irritants long term. Ideally we like to begin the preventative hay fever protocol in advance of the hay fever season. It is designed to build immunity so that your body becomes less susceptible to all those pollens, grasses and irritants that surround us.  Remedies derived from pollen, grass and other allergens are used to help to de-sensitise the immune system to the triggers and an individualised chosen remedy to strengthen resistance and immunity. The overall susceptibility to allergies (hereditary or acquired) is also addressed. The program involves taking homeopathic remedies over a 5 week period. We take careful note of your individual symptoms so that we can tailor the program specifically to you. It is all clearly labelled for your convenience and, what’s more, it is completely natural. Ideally, we like to do this with you at the beginning of Spring and again in the Autumn. Over a 1-2 year period things can improve dramatically!

And don’t despair that you haven’t started early enough! We can still help you. Hear what one of our clients had to say last year…

“My eight year old son has suffered with hay fever for the last 3 years. His nose drips constantly and gets very sore and his eyes get very itchy in Spring. He often wakes in the early morning with a cough and bouts of sneezing; this is around 5 am. After his first dose of the remedy, he had a bad bout of sneezing and coughing but then 2 days later his nose stopped dripping and he gradually stopped sneezing in the mornings over the next 3 weeks. The other great thing is he is sleeping through until about 7 am as his sneezing and coughing doesn’t wake him in the early morning. The whole hay fever season has been much easier. I am really happy with how homeopathy has helped him. He has been able to stop the antihistamines, which made him a bit drowsy. He feels better and can participate in sports now. I am really keen to continue with this program. The whole family is pleased that he doesn’t wake us at 5 am!”

Another client commented, “I used nasal sprays and antihistamines for years and it’s so nice not to have to suffer a blocked nose and even blocked sinuses in the bad weeks of the hay fever season”. This woman often got sinus infections that caused her severe face pain. “I can recommend trying homeopathy, it really has worked wonders for me”.

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Rebecca has been a registered classical homeopath since 1994. Rebecca enjoys working in all areas of health. She has also worked closely with midwives in the area of pregnancy and childbirth

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Rebecca Stirrup

Rebecca has been a registered classical homeopath since 1994. Rebecca specialises in families - helping people with their health and family dynamics.