Don’t let Jetlag ruin your holiday

At the top of my mind right now is jet lag having just returned from a trip to South Africa to visit family – 26 hours non stop travelling from New Zealand to South Africa! Phew! Foggy brain and waves of dizziness like I am still in motion are what happens to me, not to mention the “wide awake at 3 a.m and hungry” moments! Rebecca has just made her way to Tanzania on an even longer trip. Rebecca will be volunteering at Homeopathy for health in Africa which is based in Moshi, Tanzania. No doubt she will have had her homeopathic travel kit on board with her for the long journey.

So, why do we get jet lag? When we cross time zones it upsets our body’s natural 24 hour clock, also known as our circadian rhythm. Our circadian rhythm is what regulates our daily activities – such as sleep, waking, eating …. hence my 3 a.m waking up hungry! Everything goes out of sync when you travel and you end up feeling jet lagged.

If you want to hit the ground ready to enjoy your holiday and reduce your jet lag symptoms here are a few helpful Homeopathic remedies for Jetlag:

Arnica: helps to reduce tiredness and that feeling of being “bruised and battered” from the long haul flight

Cocculus: exhausted from lack of sleep and with dizziness like you are still in motion

Nux-vomica: exhaustion from travel that leaves you feeling like you have a hangover – tired, irritable and you may have a headache. This remedy is also good to for helping your digestion cope with the airline food and any bloating or discomfort.

Homeopathy can also help if you have a fear of flying or suffer from motion sickness and if you would like to make sure you avoid the joys of travellers tummy on your next trip please contact us for other useful travel remedies.

Don’t forget the practical steps you can take such as keeping hydrated on the flight and stretching to avoid DVT

Bon voyage from us at Auckland Homeopathy!

We would love to ensure that your holiday is hassle free so please contact us here or make an appointment here.


Janine has been a registered classical homeopath since 2002. Janine enjoys working in all areas of health and has an interest in digestive health, skin conditions and mental health

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Janine Gawn

Janine is a registered classical homeopath since 2002, trained and qualified in New Zealand