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Posts by Annette Kampen

ADHD cat or child – It’s all the same with homeopathy

Mary thought a good loving and a stable home would transform Sheba, her rescue cat, into an affectionate and pleasant companion. I’m not an animal homeopath but when I heard Sheba’s behaviour was driving Mary around the bend I offered to find a remedy that might help. “It’s like she’s got ADHD.” Mary said. Well…

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Want to get rid of those ugly warts?

Before the advent of science much folklore existed to explain the sudden and mysterious appearance of warts, consorting with witches and handling toads being the most popular. Just as erroneous procedures and rituals were concocted to get rid of them: selling them on, giving them away, rubbing them meat and other items and then burying…

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Behavioral problems in children

In my 30 years’ practice I encountered many children who suffer from anger and difficulties, some with severe behaviour problems, that were resolved through homeopathic treatment. So – what is homeopathy? Basically, it’s a type of medicine in which self-healing power is stimulated. In homeopathy, there is never an “across the board” treatment. Remedies are…

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