ADHD cat or child – It’s all the same with homeopathy

Mary thought a good loving and a stable home would transform Sheba, her rescue cat, into an affectionate and pleasant companion. I’m not an animal homeopath but when I heard Sheba’s behaviour was driving Mary around the bend I offered to find a remedy that might help. “It’s like she’s got ADHD.” Mary said. Well I know enough about that I thought, given all the ADHD kids I’ve treated over the years, really it’s not so different with a cat.

What I found out about Sheba was this: She had an obsession with climbing, more so than your average cat – she climbed the curtains to chase flies, scaled book shelves to near ceiling level, even walked across the top of the flat screen TV. Sheba wreaked havoc in cupboards and knocked things off surfaces, and this would go on through the night disrupting Mary’s sleep. If kept inside she would pace up and down, the same little circuit over and over. Only for the briefest time would she sit still on the sofa beside Mary. Bizarrely she also “stole” Mary’s jewellery and hid it in other parts of the house. Completely intolerant of other cats she attacked any that come onto the property and anywhere she roamed, their size no deterrent. Sheba had an aloof manner and startling golden eyes set in jet black fur. “ Her eyes go very shiney when she’s angry.” “She’s also a biter.” The kitchen table was a no-go zone, she knew this but would wait for Mary not to be there and then sleep on it.

The same principles apply in analysing an animal as a human case. I took the following traits and behaviours as key elements: desire to climb, restlessness, wants to fight, stealing, defiant, haughty, shining eyes. One of the Nightshade group of remedies fitted this wee complex of symptoms and was given. This group of remedies is often used in the treatment of children with ADHD, in fact I have two children in my clinic currently doing well on the same remedy for similar disruptive and hyper behaviours.

Mary noticed changes within the week and three months later still says “ Sheba has become a total darling… a wee gem with a very loving temperament…frequently quietly inside and often by my side.

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Waiuku homeopath Annette Kampen has been a registered classical Homeopath since 1984. Annette enjoys working in all areas of health in particular with children who are dealing with physical, behavioural, learning and sensory processing issues

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Annette Kampen

Annette Kampen

Annette studied homeopathy at the London College of Homeopathy for 3 years, graduating in 1984. She is experienced in treating many different types of health problems.