About Rebecca


Rebecca Stirrup

Rebecca is English, but has lived and raised her family in New Zealand for the last 30 years. Rebecca’s first clinic was in Remuera in 1994 and she then continued to practise homeopathy in South Auckland and more recently in Central Auckland as well as in Takanini and Manurewa. Rebecca loves the outdoors, reading, yoga, riding her bike and she loves to travel… and yes, she takes her bike on her adventures!

Professional Bio

  • a registered classical homeopath since 1994
  • has a degree in English literature
  • has a wide range of experience treating all age groups
  • has taught Homeopathy in Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya
  • has worked as a volunteer homeopath in Tanzania several times since 2013
  • has worked closely with midwives in the area of pregnancy and childbirth
  • recent seminars and ongoing education include the 2016 Australian homeopathic conference and seminars by international homeopaths here in New Zealand

Consultations and Contact Info

 Children - Under 15's Adults
First appointment$70 (60 minutes)$120 (90 minutes)
Follow up appointments $40 (30 minutes) $50-$60 (30–45 minutes)
Acute appointments $50 (30 minutes)
coughs, colds, earache, flu, injuries etc
$50 (30 minutes)
coughs, colds, earache, flu, injuries etc

By Koha / donation – enquire

021 163 1526

Available at clinics

  • Central City
  • Takanini
  • Manurewa
  • Highland Park
  • SKYPE available – enquire

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